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ESS Quadrupole Mass Spettrometer

ESS Quadrupole Mass Spettrometer - 5 Pascal

ESS Ltd is a manufacturer of high quality Mass Spectrometer instrumentation .

Trading World-Wide, ESS has developed a unique range of Gas-Analysis, RGA and Linked technique MS products that is second to none.



GeneSys Evolution

Now in its eighth “incarnation” the GeneSys Evolution mass spectrometer systems offer full laboratory specification instrumentation with unrivalled flexibility, giving outstanding performance. Read More...



The EcoSys range of systems is fully field portable mass spectrometer systems, which can easily be carried by an individual operator. EcoSys is a full specification instrument, and retains the full and complete functionality of a large laboratory based system. Read More...



Features of the Navigator are described in the “GeneSys Evolution” section. Should an application require more than 10 inlets, an external Navigator unit will be required. Read More...



This is the flagship instrument in our product range, and offers ultra low detection levels (part per trillion) and is ideally suited for a range of applications, such as impurity monitoring in food grade gases, or ultra low level VOC detection in environmental applications. Read More...


Vision USB

The Vision USB is our RGA instrumentation range, available in 200 or 300 amu variants. The complete instrument comprises control unit, RF Generator, and analyser head, together with the latest version of the Vision USB software package. Read More...


Vision USB Upgrade

If you have an SX200/300, Masstorr, Apple Micromass, Micromass, Micromass PC, Micromass 386, Sensorlab, Quartz, Monitorr, SXP series* or SXP Elite* (from VG Quadrupoles/ Fisons/ VG Gas Analysis) then ESS has an extremely cost effective upgrade package to bring your existing instrument into the 21st century, without having to go to the expense of buying a completely new instrument. Read More...



ESS always welcomes enquiries for bespoke systems for special applications. Should you have any application requirements that are not covered by our mainstream products, please contact us, we would be happy to discuss with you. Read More...